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Mediterranean Cheese Tort

                        I created the following recipe with ingredients that work well together; and the best part of the creation is the presentation. The tort is a savory cheese cake with multiple layers: including sun-dried tomatoes; roasted red peppers; walnut basil pesto and Kalamata olives. The addition of creamy goat cheese pulls it all together. When served with crackers or corn chips, it is a perfect appetizer when having guests. Note: […]


Mini Tomato Tarts

    I first tasted a tomato pie at a favorite southern diner. With a party on the horizon, I started to experiment with making this pie. My husband said that it was really good and when one of my daughters tried it, I had her seal of approval. I knew I had a winner. For the upcoming party I needed to convert my recipe to appetizer size and so I developed a mini tomato tart. It was simple enough after […]


Savory biscuits to serve with cocktails

Looking for a tidbit to serve with cocktails this summer?  Two recipes that satisfy and stimulate the palate before dinner are both spicy and delicious. Love both over at our house. The cheddar chili biscuit is both sweet and hot with jalapeno peppers and a hint of sugar.It is a cross between a savory cookie and a biscuit.  Caraway seeds and pecans give the next biscuit its unique flavor. Make a batch of either… or both plus some extras to freeze […]