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Mediterranean Cheese Tort

                        I¬†created the following recipe with ingredients that work well together; and the best part of the creation is the presentation. The tort is a savory cheese cake with multiple layers: including sun-dried tomatoes; roasted red peppers; walnut basil pesto and Kalamata olives. The addition of creamy goat cheese pulls it all together. When served with crackers or corn chips, it is a perfect appetizer when having guests. Note: […]


Easiest Way to Peel Garlic

Most cooks use a ton of garlic in their cooking; and if they don’t shame, shame shame! Garlic is good for the body and it makes so many foods taste better. A good cook always has fresh garlic on hand. Here is the easiest way I have found to peel it and always have a fresh amount of it in the fridge. My husband first told my about this method and have used it ever since. There is no muss, […]