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8 Ingredient Salad

I had friends for lunch recently and served a salad that I literally created from memory. I originally had ordered this salad at a nearby diner and had enjoyed it so much that I wanted to re-create it. It was dressed with balsamic vinaigrette that had been whipped in a blender. The salad reminded me of the Club Salad served at Houston’s restaurant I have been enjoying for many years; so, when I spied it on the menu, I ordered […]


Tropical Island Chicken Salad

  Imagine yourself sitting on a sun drenched deck of an uber modern five star resort overlooking the cool waters of the Caribbean. You are sipping a crisp glass of white wine, maybe Pinot Grigio and the server has set down a plate of the freshest and most colorful fruit you have seen in a long while. Topping the fruit are tender slices of chicken breasts and the server is drizzling a creamy orange dressing over all. Wake up! Sounds […]