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Today can only be described as beautiful. The house was filled with family celebrating the baby naming of our fifth granddaughter. As with most joyous occasions, food is usually a focal point; and today was no exception. After gathering in the family room and participating in a short naming ceremony everyone was hungry and ready to eat. One of my favorite activities is planning a menu when I entertain. For this occasion I thought about who was coming and what were […]


Pecans Revisited

I love anything with pecans in it. As a little girl. I spent  hours getting them out of the shell with a nut cracker and separating them from the bitter part they are encased in. Ou-e nast-ee! I remember my father’s company trucks making  detours on their  route to Morgan City, La., stopping at the  Morgan City Bakery to pick up pecan pie tarts just for me.  I wonder if the bakery is still in business. They were the best. […]