Thoughts about dinner

The best day of the week is Friday. For many years we have had dinner every Friday night where basically it is a command performance for the whole family to attend. When the kids were younger they squawked because they might miss the football game or some social event. We insisted that their presence at dinner was mandatory and then they could leave. To be quite honest, my husband and I knew that this dinner was a way to keep the family together. Everyone had the opportunity to talk about their week. They even could invite their friends and usually it was a delightful evening. Sometimes the conversation got out of hand. We have had some really bizarre conversations at the table and some have led to arguments and others border on the risqué. But for the most part, I truly believe my family have enjoyed these times together. It is also a night when the food I serve is critiqued. Sometimes that critique has been brutal. Wait till their children comment on their meals!

And now everyone is an adult and besides our children, they bring their children. The bottom line is that we hope we have set an example that  our children will continue after we are gone.  We hope that they know how important they are to one another and how important it is for their well-being to always be together.

I love Fridays because I know all my children will be with me and out of every moment in my life, these times are the very best!





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