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Princess Cruises Shines at Chef’s Table

  It was our third cruise on the Caribbean Princess before I discovered the Chef’s Table. We had been on many cruises, tried all the specialty restaurants, but were now only discovering the Chef’s table.  So, on the first day of the cruise, I called the front desk, asked a few questions and signed up to participate. I think the word foodie is way overused, but let’s face it, that is what I am. After a wonderful day sightseeing and […]


Chanukah, the Festival of Lights

Every year when Chanukah rolls around the excitement builds for a Jewish holiday that is traditionally celebrated with family. In Judaism, Chanukah is a holiday celebrating the re-dedication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem in 164 BC, after its desecration three years earlier by order of Antiochus the IV. The Maccabees recaptured Jerusalem and re-consecrated the Temple after leading a successful revolt against Syrian rule. The lighting of the menorah recalls the story that a one-day supply of oil burned miraculously in the Temple […]


Comfort Food Medley

Who doesn’t love a fat juicy steak?  In the comfort of our home, relaxing and eating really good food is one of the pleasures of life; and that evening the pleasure was all ours. We started with a traditional wedge salad; and for sides, we roasted tomatoes, potatoes and portabellas. We wilted fresh spinach in a wee bit of garlic butter and prepared to cook the 2 inch strip we had chosen. We seasoned it with a lot of S&P […]