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It is not food that I write about today. It is just something I wish to share: it is something good and something to make you feel good, as it does me. My husband introduced me to the music of Gato Barbieri many years ago; but my head was somewhere else at the time. Maybe it was rearing my children, or the thousands of hours I spent volunteering or working at my store or maybe I just didn’t take the time to just sit back and just be. To enjoy the really simple things in life that had been there all along and I just didn’t see; because I was way too busy being…. me.

Is it age? Is it the wisdom gained from the experiences of life? Of course I know it is all that. And now, simply sitting with my husband in a movie, sitting on a beach and gazing at the ocean, relishing the antics of my beautiful grandchildren, eating a snow ball and yes listening to this music and letting it take me to a million places in my head….is exactly where I want to.. be.

I have rarely thought about how music made me feel. This song has had that effect on me and I hope it will for you. The song written by Santana and performed on this video by Gato Barbieri is from the album Europa and the song’s title is Caliente. And if nothing else this song is… hot!!! Listen and feel…it is sensual, it should move you. It’s uplifting and it is downright sexy! Have a glass of wine and listen and if it doesn’t do it for you the first time…just listen again. Enjoy. Click the link below.

Caliente by Gato Barbieri

Leandro Barbieri, known as Gato Barbieri, is an Argentinean jazz tenor saxophonist and composer who rose to fame during the free jazz movement in the 1960s and is known for his Latin jazz recordings in the 1970s.



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  1. janet brown says:

    Why wasn’t I invited to that lunch?
    The salad looks gorgeous and is making my mouth water!

    All of Lynda’s recipes are amazing and delicious!

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