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Thoughts about dinner

The best day of the week is Friday. For many years we have had dinner every Friday night where basically it is a command performance for the whole family to attend. When the kids were younger they squawked because they might miss the football game or some social event. We insisted that their presence at dinner was mandatory and then they could leave. To be quite honest, my husband and I knew that this dinner was a way to keep […]


Sazarac Cocktail

My drink of choice if I have my druthers is a Sazerac Cocktail. My friend Joe Ann would say it was a Sweet Old Fashion; but I am saving that one for another post. As a teenager I loved Vodka Gimlets. I know, I know teenagers aren’t allowed to drink; but when you are raised in New Orleans, it’s a different story. I don’t drink to excess and luckily I can count the number of times that I have. Well……Jay […]